Wednesday, January 7, 2015

You Can Tell When He Is Pissed

There is something about their ears that shows the emotions of cats.  Syd was pissed this morning because his outside was unacceptable to him.  Not a paw went out in the cold this morning.  The light is terrible in my kitchen right now.  I painted in spite of the low light, but am going to switch to late afternoon painting from now on.  My landlord knows that the florescent bulbs are all but burnt out.  She also knows I don't have a ladder or any way to get at them.  I would guess she will get around to fixing that one of these days. 

I worked on 3 painting this morning, and when the sun comes to the front of the house, I will continue to work on them.  Tomorrow, I am told...Don & Sues will open.  Hopefully folks who are interested, can go see my mural, and two of my paintings. 

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