Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Enemys Get Nervous When I Write:)

There is so little light to paint by in the early day, that I have had to turn my attention to other projects in the works until I get some decent light in there.  Last summer I wrote a couple chapters of a short history of Perryton Ohio.  I stopped that project for lack of pictures of the industrial revolution time period.  I like pictures myself and need them in the books I use everyday.  

Another book I started writing a couple years ago is called Surrender.  It sounds more conspicuous than it is.  Surrender is an old word, that is two words...melt back into (Sur), that which comes from above (render).  The techniques I use in my silversmithing are basic to complex.  Part of the book is of course plans and exercises.  The first exercise is a piercing and sawing project The slotted bracelet.  This particular one was made by Kristi Kloss a metalsmithing instructed I had the privilege of working with for a few years at the Arsonal Columbus Parks And Recreation.  I loved these two bracelets because one is naughty and the other nice:)

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