Thursday, January 29, 2015

No News Is Good News

Don & Sues Pizza has opened successfully this month.  The local paper (The Newark Advocate) did an article on the grand reopening.  Even though I have two paintings, and a mural in that location....they simply said that the new additions included "artwork".  No mention of the artist, or the two paintings in addition to the mural.  No mention that I have a painting touring Ohio last year, and again this year.  Other folks are shocked at the deletion.  I am not surprised.  The new owner told me, he had given them my name and information.   I haven't ever gotten any good press locally.  It is OK, as it is better to not mention me at all than to make an error such as their lame story about the Granville Labyrinth two summers ago.  It has always been a "revisionist" matter who owns it.  I wrote to the author of the Granville Labyrinth story and corrected them within a week of their error.  Of course, they didn't bother to publish a correction.  They are not concerned with factual reporting, or even apologizing for their errors.  Thankfully, I have always known intuitively that I should not concentrate on trying to change what people think....or write.  I bought my last paper the day they published Grandma Sue's obituary. They reported that she was born in Frazeysburg, when in fact she was born in West Carlisle.  They reported me as living in Frazeysburg presently as well.  I have never lived in Frazeysburg LOL.  In 2012 I lived with my sister who has a Frazeysburg address, but only from November to February  I can't wait to move someplace where the local paper has integrity.  Until then, I will just have to be content with word of mouth.  Please go visit Don & Sues Pizza, and check out my "artwork".  I worked hard on those paintings and that mural.  I am very proud of them.  I don't need recognition from a lame local yokle paper that I have always been ashamed of.  If you are local....consider dropping your subscription to The Newark Advocate....and tell them why.  Perhaps if enough of my friends and acquaintances do that, then maybe they will start factual reporting.  I doubt it.  That would be counterproductive to the revisionist agenda.  I don't go to dry wells seeking water.   

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