Monday, January 26, 2015

Old Spoon Project

Most of the time, I will not do a repair on something I didn't make.  This week I made an exception and replaced the clasp on an old silver spoon bracelet.  These old silver spoons can be flattened with a hammer, or squeezed in a vice.  I will be working with old spoons this coming month.  Hopefully, no soldering will be required until I can open up some windows and get some ventilation in my studio.  My great grandfathers vice got some brass sleeve inserts for the jaws of the old vice.  It took me an hour to make these, but they will save me time in the long run.  It is much easier to not put scratches and dents into an object in the first place, than the hours it takes to remove them.  I didn't want to mar the soft metal with steel, so this construct had to be in place before proceeding with the project.  Brass is plentiful in my studio right now.  These protective sleeves could be made out of copper just as easily. 

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