Friday, January 23, 2015

When The Cats Away

Syd went out a bunch yesterday.  I had decided to set up a quick solder session while he was outside.  Everything about silversmithing is dangerous to cats.  The flux, the pickle solution, the fire.  The space he has occupied this winter by the window, is my soldering area.  We were OK while I was painting.  There is not enough light in my kitchen these days to paint in the mornings.  Soldering silver works better in a dark room, so until I can get my landlord to change some bulbs, I am going to just have to use low light for metal, and the afternoons when there is days end light in my kitchen....I will paint.  I imagined there would be a day that the weather was so nice, that I could open up windows to ventilate while I soldered.  It was almost that nice yesterday.  I look forward to finishing these feathers, leaves and key pendant in the next couple weeks.  The hard part is done.

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