Friday, October 11, 2013

Welcome 28th Follower

The is still a few days I have to wait until I find out if "Everything's Peachy" is going to be in a show.  I entered it into two shows that happen simultaneously, hoping that someone will want it.  There is a possibility that neither show will want anything to do with it...there is always that chance! This painting has a prospective I have no doubt it will go to a good home.  I wecome my 28th follower today...I lost one a while back.  Stay with me, I am just gettin warmed up!
I am still trying to get a good photo of this painting, and have been since it's beginning.  I am shooting with a Canon Powershot A520 with a sticky shutter, that only has 4 megapixels, and no software or owners manual.  I am hoping someone drops by my house with a good camera, so I can replace the picture in The Ohio Artist Registry.
  My friend John says this painting is an example of eco-terrorism.  He may be right...although I would be hard pressed to say a visual image could in even a loose way be interpreted as any sort of terrorism...unless the ability to think becomes such a weapon.  If you are in my neighborhood with a good camera, please stop by and help.  I am anxious to get this painting out of my kitchen and into someone else's care.

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