Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Two Old Giants

The two twin sugar maple trees are coming down this week.  This will alter my view significantly.  I am saddened by their death.  As of this morning there is just one.  My studio is lighter, but my heart is heavy.  It is raining today, so it is unlikely that the other tree will go down today, but it is inevitible.  When the first giant hit the ground yesterday, I could feel the vibration 20 feet away.  Sadly these trees are being removed because of what MIGHT happen.  The wind, the ice might cause damage to someones car or property.  What might happen is a hike in electricity bills because these were shade trees.  I love my neighbors, and I love my neighborhood.  I do not love capitalism, and the decisions to protect wealth over protecting nature.  That being said, I will be looking to plant two trees somewhere to replace these giants.

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