Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Old Schoolhouse Sketch

This is a sketch of an old schoolhouse that I used my Social Security settlement money to fix up to live in back in 1989.  The minute I had spent all my settlement money running inside plumbing, electricity, installing a kitchen, bathroom, washer and dryer, the folks who were benefiting from the remodeling attempted to evict me.
The court and the judge inspected my documentation and awarded me 2 years free rent.  The people who had attempted to trick me out of my labor and my money were angry at the courts outcome, so they burnt their church down that suppled the water to the schoolhouse.
I have photos in my collection from this time, and of course it is always the cats who suffer this sort of swindle.
These people had taken over a Baptist Church by pretty much running off the rest of the congregation.  They were not Baptists even though they kept the original Baptist sign.  The original Baptist "charter" was burn't with the old church, and the new corrupt occupants got the insurance money.  Eventually, I left and went on to other places, and made other art.  It stole two years of my life, and as I had mentioned disrupted my cat population.  I would guess the old schoolhouse is still standing, and the new church that replaced the old church was very cheaply sickened me that they could get away with what they did.  BUT, because of that experience, Nesley Thomas wasn't going to just break my kiln, and then expect me to just walk away last year.  Her efforts to deceive, break her word, destroy my property were all transparent to me.  I had been through it already.  This type of preditor succeeds only when their victims back down.

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