Monday, October 21, 2013

Old Schoolhouse Painting

I spent all day Saturday, and most of the day Sunday working on my old schoolhouse painting.  I had a good drawing I made on Halloween 1992.  As I recall, that drawing was to be the template for my Christmas cards that year.  That never happened.  What did happen was that I spent my whole Social Security settlement on that building....running electric, plumbing, buying sinks, shower stalls, toilet, water heater....everything to make it a dwelling....only to get screwed over by the caretakers.  They took me to court that year, the very week that my settlement money was gone and invested in their building.
  I won that case, and the court awarded me 2 years of rent free existance there.  But, the caretakers didn't like the courts decision and took matters further than I could ever have imagined.  The caretakers burnt down their own church which is where the source of my water came from.  6 days after I made the sketch!  No church, no water pump, no water for Concha!  It was a horrific experience, and one I have never been able to financially recover from.  But I have the sketch.  I have the experience and memory of trying to do the right thing only to be stopped by evil.  The old schoolhouse is still standing.  I believe the caretakers are long gone.  I moved there in hopes to have peace and quiet in order to write.  The writing that has emerged is what I call The Church Of The Double Cross.  There have been two....both seemingly Baptist, and both encounters were with greedy evil people pretending to be good.  Stay tuned dear readers....even though some of you do not believe in evil...I promise to give you my best accounting of my encounters with what I can only believe was indeed evil...and while I don't have the T-Shirt to prove it....there have been sketches:)

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