Friday, May 25, 2012

This Weekend

I have been busy in the studio getting ready for the big weekend out at Flint Ridge Flint Knapping Festival.  I won't be vending with the flint knappers, but rather I will be doing demos on Native American jewelry and beading at the table near the gift shop (in case you want to look me up).  The festival started today, but I won't be there till Saturday.  I will have some of my equipment with me and my display cases with most of my work to show.  If f9olks want me to make a feather for them on the spot, I will be able to do that for them, and of course I have some feathers already in the gift shop.  Hopefully the festival will be well attended and I can set up some future sales and commissions.  The museum and gift shop were built on top of an actual flint pit (workshop).  The library is closed on Monday so I may not be posting a blog until Tuesday morning.  I have been kept from my daily blog by a bad heater hose and an over heating truck.    Keep your fingers crossed for me dearest readership as I really need to make some sales this week.  Come out and see me on Saturday if you are in the area.

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