Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sway Bar And Medication Trouble

I have been driving around for quite sometime with a broken sway bar.  A few days ago we removed the old broken one (16 years old) resulting in my truck being grounded for a few days and me not able to blog those days.  Today was repair day.  The truck steers much better...thanks Piper!  I decided to inquire as to the importance of such a thing as a sway bar (I had never heard of one) and googled the question.  Here is the short answer as to why sway bars are important.

Depends on how hard you drive. Removing it won't mean unconditional, instant death, but it will make the car tilt more when cornering and may cause or contribute to other changes to the wheel alignment.
Driving without one would mean an added risk, as you never can tell when you'd need to make a sudden turn.

In addition to the risk of driving here and there with a broken sway bar, I have been without pain medication for quite sometime.  I have a new doctor though (My Old Doc Retired) that has prescribed new and better pain meds.  If the meth heads that stole mine could have waited a couple months then they could have had (stolen) the new ones:)  I dare say they would be surprised and disappointed in themselves for jumping the gun.  Little by little I am getting things taken care of that need to be taken care of in spite of the obstacles thrown my way by the deceivers.  I am quite certain that I have had angels watching over me.  They have even come in human form lately!

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