Saturday, May 12, 2012

Old Yearbook

Both my mom and dad graduated from Hanover Toboso in the 1950's.  So I am not sure why I have this old yearbook in my collection.  This will be something else to take to my grandmothers the next time I visit her.  She may know what the connection is.  This would be 10 years before I was born...I can remember my uncle in high school as I met him getting off the schoolbus.  That would have been in the 1960's after we moved back to Ohio (Hanover) from New Jersey.  The mysteries in genealogy are vast!  I think these old yearbooks sell for about $50 on Amazon so I may list this on eBay if it is not a direct connection to my family.  I can not remember how I aquired it.  It just ended up in my book collection which has become too cumbersome to move.  I am lightening my load and anything that I don't need, or can't use is going bye bye!

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