Sunday, May 13, 2012

HughesNet Class Action Lawsuit

I am happy to report that there is a class action lawsuit against HughesNet.  I am not surprised as they certainly have jerked both my sister and I around as we have been trying to get their equipment back to them since February 18th.  I do not have the particulars of the lawsuit as of yet, but I plan on adding my account and testimony to the rest of the people who have obviously been swindled by this Internet provider.  Legal aid could not help me in regard to the upcoming eviction trial as Columbus is out of their jurisdiction.  I imagine though that this whole HughesNet thing is in all the surrounding counties and can indeed be negotiated through legal aid.  I have not heard anything from the court in regards to my upcoming pre trial.  I guess Nesley's attorney isn't confident that he can win with whatever evidence he has, so they want to see my cards on the table through discovery process.  It is like my friend Eve said "they don't have a case".  It is starting to look as if she might be right.  I noticed on his motion for continuance that he is requesting for a judgement summary.  I have no idea what that actually is, but I suspect he wants to bypass the whole process!  I know I don't want that.  I am ready for trial and if we have to do a pretrial then so be it.  So while I am waiting for the eviction case to come to trial, I can certainly look into what can legally be done about that satellite system that as far as I know is still nailed down to my sisters house.   

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