Friday, May 4, 2012

Stolen Medications

In addition to the stolen bank cards, check cards, decoy wallet facebook hacking, and attempting to have me arrested... (as if this wasn't enough) I went to use my inhaler yesterday as I was having trouble breathing and found that it was missing along with my Lyrica prescription.  So this has gone way beyond just stealing my commemorative watch.  This stuff can result in hospitalization and death and the FDA has ordered additional warning labels to be put on this product.  I don't suppose meth heads really worry about that sort of stuff (hospitalization and death), but I have decided that I need to take further action as this was my medication and I would feel terrible if my sister's 19 year old joined his friend Suade Brown in the Frazeysburg cemetary, or my sister for that matter as I am fairly certain Taran couldn't get my bank cards as they were locked up in the gun safe the whole few months I lived there.  But my medications were not locked up, and so it could be either one of them that got my Symbiocort.  I contacted the county prosecutors office this morning about my missing medication, bank cards, personal property.  I told them I am willing to come in and file formal charges if it will help get these folks into rehab and off the streets.

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