Monday, May 14, 2012

Saw Mill Parts

I visited my friend Tom P. on my way to Flint Ridge this weekend.  I used to work for Tom's uncle Lee.  Uncle Lee designed and made all sorts of things.  Here is part of a saw mill that he made that is still operational.  This cut off saw works by hooking up one end to part of a tractor to spin the blade by pully.  The front board moves into the saw by sliding the log.  There is still many trees left on the property that could be cut to make the log cabin that Tom is planning.  What he doesn't use to make the cabin can be used for firewood.  There is no waste on Tom's land and I love visiting there.  Even after years of hearing tales about Uncle Lee there is always more to learn, and the home made tools and equipment still in tact to be admired and used.  There is a flint knapping festival this coming weekend and I hope to sell some feathers and have some cash in my pocket by next week.  I am even toying with doing a demo right along with the knappers. 

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