Thursday, May 3, 2012

More HughesNet Drama

I have tried my hardest to get squared away with HughesNet since late February.  I have called them twice, launched two case numbers, written them...I just don't know what else I can do.  They want their equipment back as would be expected, but my sister claimed that she didn't have any thing other than the modem (which I took with me the day I left).  They sent me a box through UPS today that has everything needed to pack up their equipment instructions, allen wrench and even has the  return postage stickers already paid, but unless I can get hold of the equipment she has locked inside her house and the radio on the roof, I will be billed for it.  I was so hoping I would be done with the court system, but I may have to sue her through small claims court because I can not get her to do the right thing, and I am not paying for something that I don't have that is still on and in her house...And of course I am not going to let her shit on me and then just walk away either!
My court case scheduled for today was postponed to a future date by Nesley's attorney who apparently scheduled another trial in another city at the same time.  He also has finally noticed that we were scheduled for trial rather than a pretrial.  I found out that he and the court have been trying to get a hold of me through my sister's phone.  While she has been out trying to use my bank cards, hacking my facebook account and using my medications, people have been trying to reach me to let me know what is happening.  I have alerted the bank, social security administration that my sister may try using her (revoked) power of attorney to hijack my Government benefit check.  I was thankful that the social security administration does not honor power of attorney forms.  They suggested that I go back to the bank and put an alert on my account letting them know she may try to access my funds.  So even though I am not in court today, I have had to tend to the business of preventing further abuses of power from my sister.  Maybe by the time pretrial comes around I will have this business with my sister behind me, although taking her to court seems imminent.   If I could just get people to do the right thing, I could save folks time and money.  "No rest for the wicked" the saying goes.  The Flint Ridge gift shop opens this weekend and I hope to be able to connect with the curator and get my feathers in the shop before Memorial weekend as there will be lots of people visiting the park that weekend.

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