Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gracie O'Malley And My 17 Follower

I don't have a photo (from google) of Gracie O'Malley as she was born before the invention of photography ( who was one of my ancestors).  But Linda my 17th follower has been captivated by her as well as Robert Henry Hendershot (drummer boy from the civil war).  Much of my blog posts have been dedicated to my genealogy as I am trying to leave an electronic record of my path as family genealogist.  I love it when someone actually recognizes this rather than dismissing my blog as simply self indulgent (See Dee Ames comments)!  Even though I have no picture or portrait of Gracie... I feel her activism in my bones.  I googled an image of her for this blog and in celebration of my 17th follower Linda (who replaced Dee Ames) who was following me in order to harass me.  Linda and I could very much share some of my genealogical roots.  This blog is for you Linda and thank you for following this blog.  I promise you that I have a bit of Gracie in my bones and I won't let you down in my responses to the injustices of the world.

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