Friday, January 20, 2012

Syd's Third Ear

Syd has grown a 3rd ear since we have been here!  All joking aside, it has been painstaking to say the least to get him to come out of the bedroom that he and I have occupied since October.  He has always been a shy cat, and our move was traumatic for him.  This week he has begun to come out of his shell and interact with my sister's kitties.  We have been doctoring them and trying to get him to allow family members to pet him.  I can forgive Nesley her hatred of me and evil self centered pursuits, but I will never forgive her for the harm she has done to the animal kingdom...right down to the poisons she willfully dumped down the basement drain poisoning the ground water supply.  There is no hell hot enough for her.  I have tolerated her burning poisonous toxic things in her stinking cauldron on her back porch as well as her diseased abused pets.  I wish enlightenment for her but have no hope that she would be receptive.  She deceives herself to think that she is more to my X than just a dirty filthy drug dealer.  Nesley didn't know that Lori despised her and made fun of her.  When Nesley murdered her unhealthy cat, Lori was suspicious that the workman that Nesley openly has an affair with every Thursday and Saturday did the deed.  The cat mysteriously vanished the very day Nesley put her dog to sleep.  This was all a result of me telling Nesley that Lori (my X) would never be comfortable in her home with the deplorable conditions and treatment of her pets.  I watched Nesley shove her aging and sleeping cat from a chair and the poor thing didn't land on it's feet while Nesley smirked in satisfaction.  Lori's back was turned at that particular moment, but she could tell from my outrage and comments what had in fact happened.  This is a woman that should not be permitted to have any pets, and my X knows it!  Instead of cleaning up her act and house, she put her pets to death.  That is the kind of person my X landlord is and I will have great pleasure when we go to court next month where I can expose some of her wickedness and create a record for future court cases and unfortunate individuals who have dealings with her.  It is probably inevitable that a low life like Nesley will be in court in some fashion for the rest of her days, whether it be for animal abuse, selling drugs, or gleefully poisoning the environment.  I confess no drug deal would make me forget these images and I imagine that it is just a matter of time when Nesley will slip and Lori won't be able to tolerate her inhumane habitual treatment.  Hopefully it won't be one of Lori's cats.  Meanwhile Syd is safe from her and I may only have to deal with her two more times (thank goodness).  Lori will have to deal with conflicting feelings about Nesley, or stay in denial.  I am reminded of Gerry Garcia's quote "the lesser of two evils is still evil".

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p.a.turner said...

hey Sky, sorry to hear about all your troubles. Damn. I hate people that are mean to animals.
Hope that things work out well for you. Hang in there, it will be better by and by.

your friend,