Friday, January 27, 2012

Outsourcing Magic

This is a toothpick holder called Ouch by Fred.  Of course it is made in China and would have little effect as a magic poppet unless of it was infused by something belonging to the victim (sympathetic magic).  I have a poppet and voudoo doll collection I sheepishly admit.  Not because I sought to collect them, but because people gave them to me as gifts and ended up with a collection in spite of my dislike.  It is sad that a witch would need to buy a commercial poppet rather than make one for the occasion.  It reminds me that when we (family) were on vacation and shopping for souvenirs on an Indian reservation, that many of the items in the store were made in China, not by the local Native Americans living there.  My mother refused to let us buy made in China souvenirs (35 years ago) with our vacation money.  I think she was on the right track and that our own country has deteriorated because our locals stopped making things here.  We have become a country of lazy people who outsource our jobs and work to other countries.  Outsourcing magic is a very bad idea though as it waters down the potency to say the very least.  Ouch by Fred can be bought on Amazon and would make a great Halloween party decoration.  Poppet magic in real life though is very serious business, and making light of it or fun of it is like telling dead baby jokes (not very funny).  I reserve the making of a poppet for rapist's and murderers.  My circle sisters used them more liberally though, and I imagine there are at least 2 poppets with my name and DNA out there LOL!  Hopefully not in opposition to each other.     

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p.a.turner said...

what a strange little thing, a "made in China" poppet!
surely and alien concept I would think.
I'm sure that if intention is strong enough that it might work even though it would be watered down like you say.
you know, i think we have dishonored so many spiritual things that it's no wonder psychopaths now rule the world.