Thursday, January 5, 2012

Whistle Past The Graveyard

I know, (even if most folks don't know), that most people have bought their last car and don't even know it.  I learned that from The Kunstlercast.  Endless growth is a thing of the past.  Our task is (from now on) to make due with what we have, and to try to sustain ourselves without depleting fossil fuels.  And that my dear readers will be quite a task.  Better start now and get some practice in before the crash.  In the meantime...take a Sunday drive if you can afford it, and imagine endless growth.  Compare it with the visual evidence you see with your naked eye.   Whistle past the graveyard.  Here is a photo of a non functioning oil rig that I am sure will bring some high dollars at the scrap yard in future times.  These are common around here.  I see them everywhere.  Both sides of my family were working in the oil industry, so I have an eye for it that is damn near genetic.  Most of my family right now are unemployed or about to be.  But if you look at the landscape around here you would believe that there is plenty of the earth to be pillaged and of course...endless growth.  I got this photo largely because the pump was not pumping!  A few days ago, a thief stole a gas pump and was caught under surveillance in Columbus.  You can bet they were going to scrap it at a scrap yard.  Why would they do that?  They would do that because the pump wasn't pumping in the first place.  It is harder to steal metal when it is moving or functional!  We get some beautiful sunsets around here.  And this heap of scrap metal is only pretty when it is in a reproductive pose.  Otherwise it is a (silhouette) model of the raping of the earth with a nice sunset behind it.  Oil porn if you will.  Later it will be more useful in it's weight at the scrapyard and an invitation to thieves.  Or maybe we can figure out a way to take the overpopulated human remains and turn them into fossil fuels in order to continue on with our endless growth model.  Instead of Soylent Green (Sci Fi Movie of the 70's where people were turned into hamburger), Oilent Green (people turned into fossil fuels).  We could just shove the dead down the abandoned oil wells and turn them into fossil fuels, save on funeral costs and plant food in the graveyards,  and make money on the we have been all along.

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