Friday, January 13, 2012

Vintage Buffalo Drill Press

My mini Foredom drill press is still in storage until I can get back to Columbus.  Last night I needed to drill holes in the deer antler tips for my nephew and my nieces husband who are both hunters.  We are having Christmas this weekend and these antler tips will make a fine gift for these two men.  Thankfully my friend Tom has his uncles old drill press from Buffalo Forge Company that probably was thrown out at Kaiser in the 60's when they "upgraded".  Tommy's uncle Lee worked there back in the day.  This is a beautiful machine (in spite of the dust) that still does the job.  Tom's uncle Lee was a thrifty old codger when I worked for him in the 90's.  He was a great employer and did not skimp on tools.  The tools uncle Lee left on the farm are still operational and I would guess better than what the modern replacement tools would be.  I miss my little Foredom press, but it is fun to improvise and learn more about Tom's uncle in the process.

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