Friday, December 10, 2010

Silver Feathers

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I am working on my sterling silver feathers this week. I am only doing two at this point, as they have been requested. But if anyone else wants one, they are $20 each in advance. Email me for the details. When I get these done, I will be making a trip to Newark. Maybe I will be able to fill up my acetylene tank and visit my Grandma the same day. If you order these now, I can guarantee they will be done by Christmas. They are approximately 1 AND 1/2 inch long. Each one is different. The picture is not the actual feather you will receive...but a close approximation. They are etched this year, signed and hopefully sell like hot cakes. They would also make a great valentines day gift if you have a valentine. I thought I did. I thought I had found my beloved. I just can't seem to get used to that. So valentines day this year will suck! Guess I just need to stay busy and make things.
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