Friday, December 3, 2010

Habitat Store

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There is not too much going on in my new neighborhood as far as shopping lures go. It pretty much looks like any subburb. We have the usual strip mall complete with Thrift stores, lots of tire places, and places to get your hair and nails done. I have lost count of the dollar stores that feature junk from China. I do spend a good bit of time in the ReStore. If I can shop at this store instead of the hardware store, I can save a lot of money. I have a lot of hardware holes in my life since moving away from Clintonville, and fewer resources to work with. My game plan for places like this store is to go in with a list and try to keep an open mind for the things that didn't make the list. I am always willing to leave any store without spending a dime. Most of the time though, the restore has what I am looking for. I have been able to take items back to the hardware store and get my money returned during times when ends are just not meeting. During these winter months, I am going to be looking for rain barrel parts which can be quite pricey bought new.

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