Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finished Feathers

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After a 3rd and final acid bath, my feathers are finished. I am ready to move on to my other Solstice projects. We didn't get our grant from Greater Columbus Art Council as I had hoped. But I am going to proceed and continue building the Linden Metalsmithing Guild anyway. It will just be a little slower is all. These feathers were made out of scrap silver. Imagine what I could do with non scrap materials.
We received our first donation yesterday...or I should say a pledge for the purchase of a tumbler and some steel shot. That is what these feathers really need to make them shine. It is one of the things my partner had that I made use of, that now I don't have. So thank you Sandy for your generous donation. I can cross that item off my list of things I was going to get with the grant. I can't really open my door to students without some basic things. Be patient my young apprentices, I am preparing to open my shop to you soon.

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