Monday, December 27, 2010

Dumb Ass Don't Tell

Don't ask don't tell policy...Hmmm....Republican Eugenics program for gays? I am sure they think of this as a win win LOL. Am I the only one out here that sees that this is no victory at all? This is a way to get gays killed on the front lines. Bubba right wing will be very happy to know which of his comrades are queer so that they can fall to "friendly fire". How about let us bring all of our troupes home instead? How about we stop pretending that Iraqi Freedom means anything other than the Iraqi people not having running water or electricity while we guard "their" oil during our occupation of their country.
Republicans don't want to go into any more debt....except for war! How stupid of us to think they have given over one little piece of ground in this "don't ask don't tell" policy. 40 million Americans on foodstamps, but the war machine is in tact. Two wars that we can't afford...but how wonderful that gays can now serve in the military machine. Excuse me but I am underwhelmed!

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