Wednesday, December 1, 2010


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SHE is a sculpture I created in 1995 instead of doing a hysterectomy. I drove to South Bend and worked in the clay studio of a woman named Georgie who I had met at The Michigan Women's Music Festival several months before my diagnosis. I had taken part in a healing ceremony at the festival led by the late Kay Gardner. As far as I was concerned I was healed. If I had went ahead and had the hysterectomy, it would have negated the healing that had already taken place in Michigan.
My deciding not to have a hysterectomy set things in motion in my little town that caused me to see the medical racket that normally goes unnoticed. Women are just supposed to do as they are told and obediently go under the knife. I did not follow the herd and therefore I still have my female parts. I have never regretted my decision and I resent the whole process that would use women for financial gain at the expense of their organs.
SHE is composed of terra cotta clay, deer antler, grouse feathers, sea shell, a metal concho belt, and lightening bolt sterling silver ear rings. SHE has been packed away precariously for 6 years and only recently resurrected. SHE is a powerful reminder of women's power to choose and make decisions about our own bodies. SHE is possibly my greatest example of Art Therapy which I pursued in classes at Columbus College Of Art And Design and The Ohio State University. SHE saved my life.

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