Friday, October 26, 2012

Three Bracelets For High Street

I finished up my 3 bracelets for Werkhaven yesterday while waiting for afternoon visitors.  These are not sold yet, and I had to come up with the money for the copper; so this is an opportunity for future sales, not to be confused with actual income.  I believe in me, and my abilities, and it is not often that I get an opportunity to "gamble" with precious metal.  I don't have an inventory.  I have had to turn down mass production offers, and booths at craft fairs.  There just isn't enough money or metal to make more than one of each "thing"  The feathers have been the exception.  I sell them one at a time off of my neck.  Sometimes though, someone surprises last month when a woman bought 4 feathers leaving me 3 around my neck.  I almost felt naked for a few days until I made more!  I still have to get these bracelets to Columbus, but worry that I should wait until I go to court November 15th, as I will already be there and taking the bracelets early will cost me money that should be used to buy more metal.  I used to sell my plasma 3 times a week.  I would gladly do that as Werkhaven is only two doors down from the plasma donation center.  I could see myself getting a check for my blood and walking it next door and buying silver...turning blood into silver like straw into gold LOL.  I would do it in a heartbeat, if I didn't have to sit in a crowded noisy waiting room with crack heads for an hour.  It is usually an hour wait to sell blood.  Crackheads can sell their blood as cocaine can't be traced after 4 days.
I admit that I have sold my blood in the past for several months in order to get deposit money, in order to move as my check does not cover rent and deposit, and moving expenses.  It has to come from somewhere...unless of course a person is lucky enough to get a grant to move like I did when I moved to Paul Drive.  Perhaps I will get lucky again and recover that grant money when we go to court next month.  Until then, you can imagine me happily tapping and rapping away in my studio, getting out of debt one bracelet, or feather at a time.  I will be sharing more about my blood selling experience in the next few days as it is the season for vampires and blood suckers...and such.

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