Friday, October 5, 2012

Objects In The Mirror

My other mirror on the passenger side of the truck says "objects in the mirror or nearer than they appear".  I feel that way about alot of things these days.  Leaves are turning and falling in my neighborhood.  One minute it was summer and now we are well into fall.  The eviction last October is also in my rear view mirror and it is hard to worry about something that has already happened.  I used to tell people that I didn't really worry too much about using my rear view mirror because I can't do anything about what is going on behind me anyway!  For the most part that is correct.  There are exceptions though.  It is the exception that makes the rule or so I am told.  Many people have helped me with my upcoming court case.  I am confident that when the judge hears my evidence that Nesley will lose the case and damage any future dealings with the court.  She may have made a huge mistake getting an attorney that has already been disbarred for misconduct and fraud.  You gotta wonder how many officers of the court know about his history?  It could very will be that her choice of attorney could impair her chances.  She wouldn't think like that.  She would think in all her grandiosity that any attorney would be better than not having one at all.  She would be wrong in her thinking as I considered hiring an attorney and decided not to, as I felt my own attorney might be persuaded to settle without regarding my wishes.  I can imagine some attorney trying to negotiate with her attorney not understanding that I am judgement proof and can't be garnished in the first place!  I don't want someone representing me that doesn't understand that this was all a personal vendetta in the first place.  I always knew I would be better off representing myself and not giving the opposition any leeway for their own agenda.  I keep thinking about this song I used to know called the 20th century is almost over.  The line that keeps me smiling is "the judgement day is getting nearer, there it is in the rear view mirror.  If you duck down, I could see a little clearer, all over this world".  Don't worry about me if I don't blog for a few days.  I have lots of things to do, and friends to see before the month is out. 

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