Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cat Welfare

I may be taking a trip to Cat Welfare this week if I can catch the stray cats that have been hanging around my back door.  I would love to make a donation to this organization when I go.  So if you can send them a donation online, or send me some donated items for their thrift store, I would gladly take them along with me.  My new landlord is tolerant of Syd, but frowns upon the strays that are in our neighborhood.  Syd pays monthly rental to stay with me, but the strays are not welcome to my landlord.  I haven't gotten around to telling her about Stubby and his cat colony and his facebook page.  She is not a cat person, and she would not appreciate my efforts at taking care of the feral cats in my old neighborhood.  Time is important as Cat Welfare does not accept full grown cats.  These little guys were born in May and are still kittenish, but in a couple months they will not qualify.

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