Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Copper Bracelets Up Next

I started finishing up some copper bracelets for Werkhaven this week as I am writing a grant and preparing my court case.  I am hoping to expand my Native American jewelry and market it after the Christmas rush.  Keep your fingers crossed for me dear readers.  It is like I have angels helping me succeed.  Friends that are coming through with everything I lack, and opportunities opening up all around me.  With librarians helping me get funding, and helping me recover my legal losses,  who could stand against me?  Certainly not my scumlord from last year and her two bit attorney.  Am I supposed to be afraid of these jokers?  Hey Nesley, are you feeling the heat yet?  I will be seeing you in about 20 days or so.  If I were you, I would have more than a lease and a disbarred (reinstated) attorney to beat my counter claim.  Prepare yourself for battle my friend (not my friend)...I am!

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