Friday, October 12, 2012

By The Seat Of My Pants

I am "flying by the seat of my pants" these days.  I have made and sold a second Hopewell symbol and sold 4 feathers last week.  I have to stay ahead of these as Christmas season approaches.  More silver on the way and I can't wait to show you the bracelets I am making for the High Street storefront.  Things are finally happening for me after a period of trying to get set up and going.  It only takes one dead beat landlord and a flooded studio to set me back a few months.  I am just lucky I didn't have to completely tear down and shut down my operation last year at this time.  I have the best most loyal friends on earth, and that is why evil ones can not shut me down, or shut me up.  I am looking forward to the upcoming holidays and bench work.  If you are thinking about getting someone a feather for Christmas or a Hopewell symbol, get with me.  I have a feeling I will be sold out by Christmas Eve.  I will have to take a brief break long enough to dispatch of an evil witch the first couple weeks of November.  I look forward to that as well and have been for over a year.  Patience dear Nesley, you are about to get what's coming your way.

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