Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Medicine Cabinet

I got a wonderful new housewarming gift today.  It is a medicine cabinet from my old friend Jeanne.  I have medicine bottles that will look wonderful in this cabinet.  It reminds me of my sister though.  Her kitchen is decorated with peppers.  I am giving her till April 1st to question her son where he pawned my watch and get it back to me, then I am going to be filing my theft reports.  I imagine by this weekend her meth head friends will be running for cover in anticipation of my reporting what I know...that they know I know.  I smile when I think that my sister won't be able to score soon.  No one will want to be anywhere near her.  By now they have figured out that she pretty much told me everything.  I know where most of them live, what they sell, who they sell it to, and how they fund their "project".  Sadly, I graduated with two of the dealers parents.  My sister believes that she has convinced the Coshocton Sheriff that I  am a criminal and a nut job.  She doesn't remember that I have confided in several people since I moved in with her as to what was happening with my sister's son, and the meth heads that had him hostage.  The charges she tried to file against me will probably be turned to felony charges against her when I give the police two phone numbers of folks who knew the situation before I moved in, and my account of what happened, and what she is up to now.  Denny who visited me at my sisters this winter runs Spencer House and will gladly speak to the police in my behalf should they call.  I am not going to reveal who the other party is for now.  I want to give her time to ponder what she has attempted to do and failed.  It is my belief that the cops who came to arrest me that night knew she was lying to them even then.  Their training must have had some martial arts techniques.  I was asked how I pushed my sister and I showed them with my right arm.  Anyone with any knowledge could see I showed them a block.  People don't block when they are pushing someone...unless of course they are blocking a blow or someone coming at them.  So they knew that night that I was defending myself.  My theory is they (the cops) are giving her some rope.  She can either pull herself up out of the hole she has dug herself into into, or she can hang herself.  I am saddened that I won't be able to give her any more gifts for her house...like this medicine chest that reminds me of her.  But maybe she will survive and recover.  Maybe I will be able to trust her again someday.  Run little meth heads, your days are numbered! 


p.a.turner said...

oh wow concha, that's going to look beautiful!
you have a good friend. LOL

skymetalsmith said...

Yeah Pat, I have several good friends. Friends I haven't seen for 8 years while I got involved in a relationship. Friends that are coming through for me as I stress over my sisters drug addiction. The friend who gave me this medicine cabinet lost her daughter to a heroin overdose last year. So our reunion is bitter sweet. I guess most things are!