Sunday, March 4, 2012

Syd's New Kitchen

I got started on 3 new feathers yesterday and am enjoying my new workshop and home.  Syd is having great fun exploring all his new space.  We still have not been to the basement yet.  I may put my wood shop down there.  Monday, I plan on finishing up the feathers and planting some house plants for my windows.  It is great to live in a place that has so much light, new appliances, freshly painted walls, and enough space to move around in.  This apartment has twice the space as Paul Drive house and is the same amount of rent.  The goddess has blessed me and saved my tools from rusting away in that damp environment on Paul Drive.  I am told my new basement is dry and I will certainly check it out after a rain storm before moving my saws and belt grinder down there.  It will be great fun alowing Syd to find the basement as he thinks he has seen every corner, cubbord, and surface.  I have a big yard with a garden that I am looking forward to exploring as soon as I get totally moved in and the weather gets nice.

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Gail said...

Great looking place. Glad you are getting settled in and will be in one place. You didn't call me to help you move.