Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Part of my rental agreement at my Sisters house in Frazzeysburg was the installation of a satalite system for internet as she had no internet.  It is pretty much a dead zone out there and HughesNet the only game in town.  This service was to move with me to my new residence.  I tried cancelling the service before March 1st but they were going to charge me $300 to do that.  They claimed it would be free to move it and that my 24 month contract with them would be reduced to 12 months.  So moving it was the better choice.  Now they are claiming they need money ($169) to move it, so the whole process has been delayed.  I know this...I am not paying for a service that I don't have, and that I would never have agreed to the $169 to move it.  I will take the hit on my credit report for the next 7 years rather than be manipulated.

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