Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Trap Of Unnecessary Surgery

About a month ago I saw a piece in The Other Paper...a full page ad paid for by NOW (National Organization for Women) showing a letter to S. Gabbe, CEO of OSUMC trying to persuade OSU hospital to reverse their decision to fire Dr. Gerard Nuovo who had examined a woman named Sally's pap smear slide and told her she did not have cervical cancer as had been diagnosed to her by her own gynecologist. The letter goes on to speak about the misdiagnosis and resulting unnecessary surgeries of women all over the US and how unfair it is to fire the man just because he was telling the truth. The page takes us to a website called www.SALLYTELLSHERSTORY.COM.
I have to say I was more than a little shocked...not because this isn't a common practice to misdiagnose and capitalize on this operation, but because it was NOW that was coming to the good truthful Doctors defense.
Several years ago, I had the same misdiagnosis. I questioned the diagnosis and went for an independent pap exam and found out I did not need a hysterectomy....just like Sally. In all fairness to NOW, a good Doctor wasn't being fired....but I can tell you NOW was not in the least bit interested in my story or helping me, even though I was arrested for trying to obtain my medical records and aggressively pursuing all those who were in on it. And there were at least 2 Doctors and 1 wannabe shrink in on it (all 3 from Granville Ohio and all three in the same Church). Not only was I jailed over all this, I was also institutionalized long enough to make me homeless, effectively silencing me and my story BUT NOT FOREVER!
So congratulations NOW for finally doing the right thing. Too late for me...(I suffer because of arthritis caused by the beatings I got from the police etc.), but maybe not too late for Dr. Nuovo. Sally's story is identical to mine in all details except she had the internet to help her locate some outside source that wouldn't go back to her own physician and turn against her. And she obviously has the support of NOW. Even the women who had been supportive of me in my community turned against me when I wanted to aggressively go after these conniving Doctors who refused to give me my medical records. It was a beaten that led to more beatings and I survived them all. But not without a lot of pain that I carry with me daily. The doctors involved in my case have thrived while I have damn near it been killed over it. I will see them in hell!
I am happy for Sally and I wish her a long and healthy life. She outsmarted the system that was only interested in her life savings! For those of you who harmed me and withdrew your support, I am glad I saw your true colors (yellow). I am sorry no one else saw them at the time. I received financial requests (which I angrily ignored) from NOW for years after they had ignored what had happened to me in my little town...that I ended up moving away from as it is largely home to a medical cult that to this day is thriving, and it is standard operating (pun intended) procedure to herd women in for hysterectomy's. After what had happened to me, I knew I was not ever gonna feel safe there again, as we never know who might all be in the medical cult (conspiracy theory aside). It is not safe to be a woman living in Licking County as I have previously written in this blog. Another thing you should know about Licking County is it is common knowledge that it is the "gall bladder Capital of the world". you suppose the same Doctors that would falsify a pap smear in order to get $10,000 hysterectomy's from women would also misdiagnose gall bladder trouble....Nahhh.....I for one will be glad to see the medical system overhauled. To do any less would be dangerous for all people who can't afford a second opinion in another town of course!

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