Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Needfire, according to one source is fire obtained by friction. It is for the purpose of defeating sorcery and cure diseases. In terms of defeating sorcery. I have no need to "defeat sorcery", rather I would deflect it back upon the sorcerer who sent it. In terms of curing disease, I will settle for remission.

I have asked everyone who might be coming to bring a tool for me to sharpen or repair in anticipation of spring and planting. I am not able to get down or up my steps due to the unusual weather we are having. It is doubtful that folks will be able to attend. Please feel free to make your own needfire. It can be a fire that is simply started with a match instead of a lighter. I will be thinking of everyone I invited, as I light my needfire. At this point it will be easier for me to make a fire than to get down or up my I am going ahead with it...rain, sleet, or shine.

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