Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stubby's Fund

Stubby is halfway there. He has $38 in his neutering fund. Thank you to everyone who has helped out. He is a very affectionate outside cat and I am realizing he is shy of the camera in terms of his bobbed tail. We are shopping around for the best deal..Yesterday on Facebook I had a recommendation for a mobile neutering program through PETA. But as I have learned through Terrierman's Daily Dose. PETA is a controversial organization to say the very nicest thing I can say. I have learned everything I need to know about PETA and the so called Humane Society from him (Patric Burns). So I probably won't be contacting them about Stubby, even if they are the cheapest in town. I wouldn't use them even if they offered to do the operation at no cost! It would jeopardize every cat in our neighborhood. I respect the integrity of Terrierman's writing and his research is flawless. Please consider donating to Stubby's neutering fund, and check out Terrierman's daily dose for anything remotely related to Jack Russel Terrier's and any type of animal. He is on my blog list to the right of this blog entry. Please if you donate to either PETA and The Humane Society....please read Terrerman's blogs about them. Both organizations kill over 98% of the animals they claim to help. It is a sad but true fact. I won't give them any money....not for neutering....not for anything!

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