Friday, February 4, 2011

Seed Exchange

I joined Seed Savers Exchange. I think it may be perhaps one of the most important decisions I have made recently. I heard a story several months ago in a local thrift store where a womans son collects seeds locally. I believe that is a weird hobby for a little boy. But so be it. I have no doubt that I will run into the young man in my journeys! I will be writing about Fedco again in the future. We are living in perilous times in terms of seed biodiversity. So collecting heirloom seeds is important for the future generations.


Anonymous said...

Fedco catalogs are EASY to get. You can even download them! Go to Then click online order or For information about Fedco, click here. Then click CATALOG REQUESTS. You will then see:

To request a catalog:

Write to us at:
PO Box 520
Waterville, ME 04903
Call us at:
(207) 873-7333
Download it below

Good fortune and health to you!

skymetalsmith said...

I can not download or print on my computer these days. I wrote for my catalog last year, but it was taken from me by my x on September 9th. Too late in the year to worry about it, and I had always hoped she would return it to me. I have written for a new copy. I have faith it will arrive in plenty of time to purchase seeds for spring. Good fortune and health to you as well. Thank you for visiting my blog and for providing the information from the Fedco Website.