Friday, February 11, 2011

Still Warm

Yesterday I moved 50 pounds of bird seed up my steps from the back of my truck that was going to be towed to the garage to get my brakes fixed. The handle came off of the pail spilling bird seed all over the deck and the bottom of the second set of stairs. I cleaned up as much of it as I could with my injured hand. I marveled at how many sets of cardinals were in my tree yesterday afternoon waiting for their turn at the spilled seed. I counted 10 pair. I even thought about moving the feeder to that side of the house so I could watch them more easily.
The tow truck was a no show yesterday. So I wouldn't have had to hurry, and I might not have spilled the seed had I known the truck wouldn't be coming for another day. This cardinal was still warm and laying at the bottom of the stairs today when the tow truck came to get my truck. I feel sick that had I just not dropped the seed, that bird would still be alive and his mate wouldn't be crying like she is tonight.

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