Sunday, February 20, 2011

Necessary Surgery

This is an ad that my neighbor put together for me as I have inherited Stubby the cat who needs this necessary surgery. Please help out if you can. I think he will live longer if he is altered. He is getting beat up quite often in his pursuit of love. When my neighbors move, I think Stubby will probably stay around here. What can I say? I am a Leo. This property is definitely Leo land.

Stubby's Neuter Fund

Stubby is a friendly semi-feral male cat that lives in our neighborhood. Stubby showed up one day in 2010. He got his name due to his tail being only half as long as the typical cat's. In spite of his shortcomings, Stubby still thinks himself quite the ladies man. He has been getting in tussles with other cats in the neighborhood and getting beaten up by bigger rivals.

My neighbor would like to have him fixed with the help of the Cat Welfare Association. Even with the help, the cost of neutering Stubby will be $55. So we are turning to our friends to give a little to help Stubby live a more relaxed life.

There are lots of causes on facebook, but here is one where you can see results. For a few bucks, you will contribute to preventing cat over-population in Columbus, and helping Stubby live a longer life.

Click the button on the right to donate any amount you want. Whatever amount we raise between now and March 20th will go to defray the cost of Stubby's proceedure. We will post his photo here after his recovery, so that you all can see the "new" Stubby.

Stubby the Cat

Donate any amount every bit helps.
Funds raised so far: $9.41

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Anonymous said...

dusty peaches! i have met this sweet boy. he is worthy of a little help.