Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tree Butchering In My Neighborhood Today

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A few days ago we got a yellow paper notice on our front door that they were going to be trimming trees on our street. We tried to call as it is very hard not to see that the previous "trimming" was very destructive. We did not want to go to all the trouble of planting a garden and then have these so called "experts" come in after wards and destroy our efforts. I had to laugh when I read the logo on Asplundh's truck door. They actually call themselves "Tree Experts". When they trimmed the last time it resulted in practically everyone on my street required to get an air conditioner. It is not too hard to see that they have a symbiotic relationship with The Power Company and that it is in their best interest to lop off as much of the shade tree as possible in order for us to consume more power and buy more air conditioners. You gotta wonder why they didn't put "tree service" or Arborist on their truck doors. But then that would be lying wouldn't it?

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