Friday, April 23, 2010

Got Sanding Blocks?

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I have been sitting in with 2 old woodcarvers on Monday mornings at The Gillie Senior Center here in Columbus Ohio. One of the fellas is in his 80's and the other in his early 90's. I learn much from my 2 hour sessions with them. They were both in WW2 and both of them lived through the Great Depression. They are full of stories that are relevant to what is happening today. They are more with it than most of my friends. When we carve wood sometimes there is no modern tool for the job. In the instance of my curved handled wooden spoon, I created a problem. Fortunately, I have two tutors that instruct me through my problems. Today I am making sanding blocks from the scraps of futon boards that I have a surplus of in order to get to the places that are seemingly impossible to sand. These recreational centers around town are a wealth of teaching and instruction as well as equipment that would be difficult to obtain in one lifetime.

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Sue's News said...

Gerald's Uncle Frank turned 91 yesterday and Gerald went out to help him install a screen door today! Last year Gerald had a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol Building ON Frank's birthday and that was Gerald's present to him this year! If anyone wishes to honor a Veteran in this way, Gerald can give all the info! This summer Gerald is going with him with a group called HONOR FLIGHT which takes WWII vets to Washington D.C. to see Arlington and all the other monuments!

Last year Gerald helped him put up a fence and to build a shed! Gerald says he puts him to shame!

This is such an INSPIRATION!

Frank is a WWII vet and he was a POW.