Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fixing Things

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It is time to get out in the yard and start turning dirt. I have been busy trying to repair snapped off tools. Ordinarily I wouldn't bother fixing something that was easily broken in the first place, but this pitch fork was made in Austria...not China. It would be easier in this instance to fix this than to try to find a replacement that is made in USA and not made in China.

So I had my friend Bill hollow out the broken pieces of wood still lodged down in the handle. Then I took the fork to Kristi and had her drill out two nice new holes. I searched around till I found a hardwood handle. Next comes the Polyurethane and drilling out the new handle. Wish me luck. It takes a village to fix a pitchfork!

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sue raypole said...

I am going to try to inspire Gerald with your entry; he has at least a dozen tools that need repaired! I was very proud of the can-crusher that he made from a broken sledge hammer head! I'll have him send you a picture; the guy at the recycling place told him that his cans were the best-crushed cans he'd seen!