Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Real Deal Medicine Wheel

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I have a medicine wheel pendant that is nearly finished. I call it The Real Deal Medicine Wheel. Right now it has a natural ruby stone in the center and onyx stones at the 4 points. I hand made each feather and the whole piece is Sterling Silver. My plans for the inlay are Turquoise, Ivory, and Lapis Lazuli, starting from the center and working outward. It will be finished some time this year. What has been holding me up is that I need to hand cut the inlay pieces. Sometime in May The Martin Janis Center is going to re open. There is a lapidary workshop there. The only one I know of in Columbus that I have access to. Until then though I will wear my medicine wheel as is. I wore this to my drum gig last night where I was to represent the Native American component of MDOFE. It could be that there is some Native American in my genealogy as we don't know who the mother of Robert Henry Hendershot The Little Drummer Boy at The Battle Of Fredericksburg is. She is mentioned, but I have yet to identify her. I have been told by Native Americans that I have the high cheekbones, the dark hair, the coloring. What is most important though is I have the drum for the job. And I have the real deal medicine wheel to wear around my neck.

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