Sunday, April 11, 2010

Djun Djun

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I play a drum called Djun Djun
(pronounced Dune Dune) in an all womens drum group here in Columbus Ohio. We have several concerts and performances we are practicing for this spring and summer. There are 3 basic sizes of this classification of drums. The smallest one is called Kenkeni. The middle size in this drum family is called a Sangban. I play a Sangban Djun. The third and largest size is called Dununba. I want to make a Dununba out of a Zep Barrel and parts at hand. I am consulting with musician friends and doomers to help me solve the other parts of the puzzle. Maybe we will call our new drum a Doomdoom! It should have a great sound. I am hoping comparable to the Great Taiko drum (which was as big as a man!) I got to play at Capital University in Eric Patons Taiko class which he modified for our drum group to fit our schedul. I am convinced that Taiko is a martial art, and that drums are a sort of cauldron. I had this concept of drum being a container in mind when I decided to do a daily blog. Drum as cauldron.

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