Friday, April 30, 2010

May Day Herb Class

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I have known just one herbalist all my adult life. She saved my life once when the doctors couldn't or wouldn't help me. I will never forget it. I will be at a Kentucky Derby party this weekend, but I would urge anyone who wants to know more about the power and healing of herbs to join Cindy Parker this weekend near Athens Ohio.

May Day Herb Day

Join Cindy Parker at Healing Heart Herbals for a weekend of spring herb and de-stressing activities. Learn from hands on experience how to create a material medica, make nettle quiche and tincture, blend nervine herbs for relaxation, breathing exercises to center and calm, and much more. Classes $75 per day or $125 for both. Camping is available. Lunch is included, dinner is available for $10. Contact Cindy at or call 740-742-8901 to assure your space.


Sue's News said...

My mother was an herbalist; I so wish you had known her; she would have loved you and you would have loved her.

Your article made me think of the time Mother sent me to the drugstore to buy "tincture of cantherides" because she needed it for one of her formulas.

Tincture of cantherides" is also known as "Spanish Fly" which I did not know!

I'm going to put the article about the incident on my blog because it's funny!

skymetalsmith said...

What do ya s'pose the spanich fly part of the tincture was for?