Friday, August 11, 2017

Syd's World Featured At The Ohio State Fair

I am having lots of trouble publishing my truths.  Today, my pictures.  I remember when the "left" actually believed in the right to express my opinion.  You remember?  "I disagree with you, but I support the right for you to express it?"  No more.  Now the left has drifted towards the gutter of suppressing the "other" argument.  What is that?  If I offend you, I should be suppressed.  If you can't argue or debate, you just suppress any other ideas?  I can tell you, that suppresses me as an artist.  It means....that if I hurt anyone's feelings that my art is not acceptable.  I hope my art hurts peoples feelings, and prompts them to get up off their ass.  I hope my art causes people to think.  Those of you who are trying to suppress other ideas...."you are out to lunch" as my band director Harry Gunther used to say.  He said lots of kool things.  He said one day the "marching band would be the feature, and the football team would come out at halftime".  He might have been right, with all this politically correct stuff going on....head injury's....broken ribs....rah rah rah.  They might outlaw football in the future as barbaric.  I hope they don't.  I just hope they make it safer.   We don't won't wimps to go into war for our country.  Still though.  I was always in the band.  What would it be like if it was a free country?  People say that all the time.  I worked with great athletes.  I would imagine they are forces to watch out for.  I worked with great musicians also.  I worked with great trade men and women.  We need all of us.  I had great teachers, teammates and professors.  I don't want the rat lines of the deep state to undermine any of us.  Let us get em.  Let us truely drain the swamp.  How can they just rub us out....just because they were smart enough to get a deal to sell weapons for drugs, and then turn around and make companies to deal with drug addiction.   They did this.  Our government brokered weapons for drugs and then unleashed them on our country....We paid for it.  We can shut it down....we just to have spine.   When the hell are we gonna drain the swamp?  How about if we drain the swamps in our own counties, and let Trump drain the Washington Swamp....which was a technical swamp by the way.  In my own would require law enforcement to execute the pedophiles in our judicial system all the way up to the top.  The only reason I say that is they take an oath not to snitch on their comrades. They can not snitch.  So....what is left?  Don't snitch on the judge, lawyer, or cop that is a pedophile just eliminate them some other way....You don't have to snitch....just get get rid of them.  Give them their walking papers.  Give them a chance.

  For some reason I can't publish the picture of Syd in front of Syd's World.
If I were God this place would be way different than it is.  I understand that God does not run this place. He turned it over to Lucifer.  What chance do I have?  It means that I have already ended up in hell and there is no salvation for me.  It also means that the dumb asses around me that still think there is a chance to get out of here are seriously deluded.  As above so below the satinists say.  So, if I don't know if I am already in hell, or that there is a worse place....what can I do?   I can ignore the preachers for one thing...cause they are blowing smoke.  I don't have to believe anyone if that is true.  I am just surviving in hell at this point.  I could hold out for this Jesus guy to help me out....but he doesn't.  The hell that I would make as an an artist would never have a Jesus.  I like the concept of Jesus.  The problem is, that the church's that promote him have all rejected me because of my income. I do not reject the idea of Jesus Christ.  I just don't like living in hell.  Perhaps I will like that later.  Sometimes people come into my life, buy feathers, give me cat food....etc.  Then....I wonder, if there really is a God, that is in charge of all this hell.  Still though, if I came before him, I would have to ask him how come he put Satan down here to be in charge of the earth.   Pray for me.  I don't understand how come a God that is over all this would allow me to be in the same arena with pedophiles, cheats, murderers, etc.  I don't get it.  Still though.  I align myself with God  Maybe I will get the hell out of here because I do that?.

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