Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Poppy Fields Forever?

How many people out there don't understand that our Opium/Heroin problem does and doesn't stem from Afghanistan?  It is a rat line.  Just like Viet Nam, when they shipped Opium in the caskets of dead soldiers to America.  Prescot Bush made his money from Opium.  Bill Clinton funded his campaigns with Cocaine.  This is a matter of history!  President Trump should immediately destroy the Poppy fields in Afghanistan.  We didn't hear that last night in his speech.  The quickest way to win the war in Afghanistan is to destroy the Poppy fields.  If you don't see that from this president...then, he is false.  He knows that Heroin is destroying America.  He is in a position to stop the influx of Heroin into our country through the military.  3/4s of my friends are addicted to prescription Poppy.  When the doctors shut them down, they will turn to Heroin?  Who is to blame here?  The rat lines through the military, the drug company's, the politicians who have thrived on the economy that thrives on private prisons and rehab centers that are dependent on drug dependence?  This is an old plan...a modus operandi.  What baffles me, is how come we still fall for it.

PS.  Does anyone else remember that the day before 9 11, that the military lost like 3 million dollars or more...oh, and the places hit and destroyed had the records of this?  Just sayin.

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