Sunday, December 21, 2014

Solstice 2014

During calling hours for Grandma Sue O'Flaherty I slipped out and put air in my rear truck tires.  I had been curious about what state my other Grandmothers house might be.  So on my way back from the gas station, I took a little detour and drove by Grandma Joy Hendershot Dove's last home...before her stay at the nursing home.  I didn't want the new owners to become paranoid that someone was parked in front of their house snapping pictures, so I quietly stopped long enough to snap one picture, and then made a beeline back to the funeral home.  As you can see it was a bleak winter day.  Grandma Joys old house still stands and they even had electric candles in the two picture windows.  I lived there for a year while I was attending OSU Newark campus.  So this would be one of several of my homes before this one on Eddy Street.  I try to keep a photo file of the places I have lived in my nomadic life.  This morning I will be working on the mural at Don & Sue's Pizza, and knock off a little early as I have a drum performance tonight in Columbus.  The Columbus Women's Drum Chorus will be performing at the Solstice ceremony at 7pm tonight 16 On Summit Church.  It will be the only Christmas event I have been invited to.  My family did not bother to inform me of my Grandmothers death, or the funeral.  Lucky for me, I have friends who get the paper, and told me Tuesday.  My grief over Grandmas passing can not be conveyed here, and some of my family members were civil towards me.  I hope they all have a merry Christmas this year and Syd and I will be working on Syd's world and the mural.  My Grandmothers loved me unconditionally, and now they are all gone from this earth.  I know they would be proud of me in spite of the collective indifference from my family.  Perhaps my picture is in the dictionary next to the word Black Sheep.  Maybe someday, some of them will want to bury the hatchet....hopefully not in my back.

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