Sunday, December 7, 2014

Columbus On My Mind

One of my favorite all time songs is Georgia On My Mind.  It doesn't matter who sings it, I just stop and almost tears come to my some folks feel about the National Anthem.  Not too many things, places, or people effect me like that.  I feel that way also about the Columbus skyline.  I added it to Syd's World today and used a quick silhouette sketch I had previously made in EIEIO.

This particular angle of The Columbus skyline is only visible for a split second when you are traveling towards downtown on State Rt. 70.  Photo wise, it is an impossible shot, and I have not ever attempted it as I keep my one eye on the road when I am driving.  Still though, I marvel each time it pops up for that instant.  Like Oz for Dorothy.  I added my Oz (Columbus Skyline) to both recent paintings as I plan on moving back to Columbus as soon as the opportunity permits.  I miss the capital city and my Columbus friends.  I miss the celebrated diversity.  I miss the artistic and musical opportunity's.  Perhaps it is a magical thing that I include Columbus skyline in my any conjuring or list making.  Each time I paint the skyline, it comes a little closer and more distinct.

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